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UHN is recognized around the world for our contributions to the advancement of medical care, education and research. Clinical trials represent an essential aspect of our research program and also contribute to better patient care now and in the future. Used in virtually every field of medicine, clinical trials test new treatments, pharmaceuticals and devices and evaluate whether new therapies are safe and effective.

Clinical Trials Improve the Quality of Current Therapy
Research demonstrates that participation in trials results in better outcomes and quality of care. Even if the novel therapy being tested is not superior to standard care, the careful selection of appropriate patients for the study and the intensive monitoring of patient response to treatment means that clinical trial patients often demonstrate superior outcomes even when receiving standard therapy. Participants of clinical trials are often the first to receive new treatments and to benefit from improvements developed by researchers.

Learn More - International Clinical Trials Day Event
"International Clinical Trials Day" is an opportunity for us to learn more about the role that clinical research plays in what we do here at UHN, and how this impacts the lives of our patients. Everyone is welcome to attend a special session being held at the MaRS Centre Auditorium, Lower Concourse, on Tuesday, May 23 from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. Join Dr. Ron Heslegrave, Chair of the UHN Research Ethics Board, and a panel of study participants as they discuss their involvement in clinical trials and what it has meant to them.


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