Dear colleagues,

I want to update everyone on the results of the Patient Safety Culture Survey that was distributed to all UHN staff in November 2013. The survey was conducted as part of our preparation for the accreditation on-site survey visit scheduled for November 2014.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your participation – 2,071 staff responded to the survey, providing valuable information on how to support UHN's commitment to patient safety. There are some very encouraging results. The survey confirmed that we see UHN with a strong learning culture, where patient safety is a high priority, and senior management has a clear picture of the risks associated with patient care. The survey results also highlighted when a serious error occurs, we think about it carefully and determine how to prevent the same mistake in the future. The survey results highlight that talking about errors and communication barriers is an area for improvement.

Here are some highlights of the overall survey results by theme:

  • 72 per cent of staff gave UHN an overall perception of patient safety of Excellent and Very Good; 71 per cent graded their work area as having an overall grade of Excellent and Very Good. Compared to the 2011 PSCS results, the overall patient safety perception is consistent at the unit and organizational level.
  • ​​72 per cent of staff agreed that senior leadership support patient safety at UHN
  • 71 per cent of staff positively responded that UHN fosters an organizational learning culture
  • 59 per cent of staff positively responded that their Supervisors/Managers provide leadership for safety
  • 52 per cent of staff positively responded that there is opportunity in talking about errors and communication openness

The overall results, including strengths and opportunities, were communicated to the UHN Operations Committee. The results were reviewed in detail by the Patient Safety/Clinical Risk Management team to determine next steps and put strategies in place. The action plans will focus on promoting open communication, teamwork, and a just culture.

​Thank you for your ongoing support. I am looking forward to working with everyone in preparation for the survey visit.


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