Hi Everyone, UHN is fortunate to have a strong Patient Relations Department (Office of the Ombudsman), which over the years, has established consistent and transparent processes where we can review and respond to patient and family concerns. The work of Patient Relations is consistent with UHN's values of respect and caring in a patient centred environment.

I am happy to share the 2006/2007 Annual Patient Rela​​​​tions report.

The thrust and format of this report is different from previous years in that we are trying to feature what we consider to be the highlights of our work in Patient Relations.

In keeping with UHN's efforts of being transparent and open, the Patient Relations office is sharing the report broadly in hard copy and via the UHN intranet and the Internet. We look forward to a positive reception to this forthright approach since we believe it represents the highest ideals of transparency and accountability.

We look forward to your suggestions and feedback.



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