​Dear Colleagues, 

A recent incident in our parking garage on Elizabeth Street has been the subject of much discussion across our three sites and I wanted to write to let you know what is in place in our garages, and the changes we will be making in the ​​coming months. Your safety at work is my concern and we will do what it takes to minimize risks for those using the lots.

At the present time, Security has a Walk Safe program. Anyone can ask to be escorted to their car by a security officer. I think that this program is of most use to individuals who are working late, or arriving early when there's less traffic in the garage. But, the program can't help anyone if it's not requested. Please, if you're uncomfortable, ask Security to come with you and see that you're safely on your way.

Also, there are panic stations in place right now in the Elizabeth St., Leonard St., and Murray St. garages. In the coming weeks, painting in the garage will take place to highlight the panic stations and make them easier to find. Before that happens, take a moment next time you're in these garages to familiarize yourself with the location of the panic station near where you usually park. These stations are directly linked to Security and, when activated, security staff will come to the location of that panic station.

Operations is looking at paint, lighting, increased security patrol, signs, locations of cameras, location of monitors, additional panic stations, and other measures which will be used to make our parking garages as safe as we can make them in a timely manner. We will do what it takes, and spend what it takes, to make our garages as safe as possible.


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