Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to let you know about these important changes we've made to the Parking strategy we put in place three years ago - changes we believe are timely and will provide better value for staff while improving access for patients and visitors.

Transponder waiting list eliminated
As part of the changes, which will come into effect April 1, 2007, the waiting list for transponders will be eliminated. This means that any staff member who wishes to do so can obtain a transponder. Staff who currently use value cards for parking can either continue to use the cards or switch to a transponder.

New rates
Starting April 1, the new transponder rate will be $117 per month and the new value card rate will be $7 per day. For visitors and one-time users, the rates will be $4 per 30-minute stay to a maximum of $19 per day. These rates are consistent across all UHN-operated lots (listed below).

In updating our parking strategy, we have made sure that the new staff rates are competitive with those of other downtown hospitals.

Allocation of spaces
We also want to make it easier for patients and families to access the hospital. Since patients and visitors account for 66 per cent of the revenue generated by our parking lots but use only 38 per cent of the spaces, we've designated the following lots for their specific use:

TGH: Elizabeth Street, Floors 1-2 (reserved for patients and visitors)
TGH: Gerrard Street, Underground (reserved for patients and visitors)
TWH: Bathurst and Nassau Street lots (reserved for patients and visitors)

Parking lots designated for use by staff include:

TGH: Elizabeth Street - Floors 3-8 (staff only)
TWH: Leonard Street - All floors (staff only)

The number of spaces available at all lots remains the same. However, as in the past, spaces in designated areas are available on a first-come-first-served basis. A transponder or value card does not guarantee a parking space.

Revenue use
Revenue from UHN parking lots supports our programs and services at UHN, but it also pays for lot maintenance and upgrading. For example, updates that are completed or underway include painting, replacing gates and equipment and adding more security cameras . And because we are committed to making our parking lots as safe as possible, funds have been allocated for additional security improvements such as installing more panic stations for alerting Security in the event of an emergency.

Annual review
To ensure that rates and accessibility remain consistent and equitable, we plan to review the parking strategy annually, and we will share results of these reviews with staff and labour unions.

For more information
For information on how to obtain a transponder or value card, or if you have questions or comments, please visit the intranet under parking for more information. 

Bob ​

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