Dear Colleagues,

We all see lots of stories about the health care system in the media and often the stories are not complimentary. It is nice when one of our patients takes the time to record a good experience in the media and this occurred recently in the Toronto Star's "Acts of Kindness" column. The story spoke so well to our values of providing patient centred care that I want to share it with you!!

"In November, 2004 my wife received a heart transplant at Toronto General Hospital. 

She had a difficult recovery and needed extensive physiotherapy to walk again. There were so many acts of kindness, not the least of which was the courage of the family who donated their loved one's heart to save her life. During her hospital stay one incident stands out that kept her spirits and hope alive. It was the day of the transplant Christmas luncheon.

When I arrived two nurses had my wife in a sling so they could change her into her street clothes and were singing Shania's "We're going to a party". As the newest transplant recipient to go to the party and see many other transplant recipients alive and well, lifted her spirits.

We will never forget the kindness of the nurses and all the staff at Toronto General and Princess Margaret Hospitals who were always there for her during her recovery."

Nice story, huh? It made my day.


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