Dear Colleagues,

​​Judy Costello, Mary Ann Neary, and Jan Newton will be changing portfolios at the end of this month which means they will also be changing hospital sites and working with new colleagues.  These changes give them exposure to new programs, new ideas and new teams.  It also means that UHN gains from both their seasoned leadership experience and fresh perspective on the programs they will lead.

In our hospital strategy we are committed to the development of health care leaders at UHN.  When we look at UHN people in leadership roles within this organization and throughout the Ontario system, we can see that UHN's approach to development and support of our people is succeeding.  These days it is uncommon for people to spend their entire careers in one organization. However, UHN is a large and complex organization- so we can offer many opportunities for growth and experiences that enhance careers and develop leaders.

Please join me in thanking and congratulating Jan, Mary Ann and Judy on accepting these new roles. As they spend the next few months becoming familiar with their new programs, take the opportunity to give them your ideas about how we can make this a better place for our staff, patients and their families.

It takes courage to accept new challenges at work- but as we have learned from our recent branding exercise- Courage Lives Here.  Mary Ann, Judy and Jan are exemplifying that concept. ​

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