​​Hi Everyone,

As part of the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care's Excellent Care for All Act, all hospitals are required to develop a Patient Declaration of Values statement. UHN has just released our Patient Declaration of Values, and it is now available on our website at http://www.uhn.ca/Patients_&_Visitors/accountability/ECAA/PatientValues.asp.

The good news is that UHN has been living these values for a long time already. In fact, years ago we had a document called the "Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities," which then became the "Working Together Document." So I am confident that the values here will come as no surprise to a ny of you—Caring, Respect, Excellence, Teamwork, Innovation, Integrity and Leadership. We all see these values lived out every day across the organization. 

Even though Patient Values are nothing new to us here at UHN, this Declaration represents a lot of hard work on the part of Sharon Rogers, our Patient Relations Director, and her team—Erika Sedge, Terry Gordon, and Angus Warner—and I'd like to thank them and acknowledge their work. They've put a lot of effort into getting patient feedback to find out what our patients think our values are, and what they'd like to see in a Patient Declaration of Values, and in ensuring that this process was a partnership with our patients. You can read more about the process in UHNews and on the Intranet at http://intranet.uhn.ca/applications/iNews/ViewStory.aspx?s_id=1468

The result of this process is a Patient Declaration of Values that's truly reflective of what our patients have told us they want and expect from UHN. It fits with who we are already at UHN. In anticipation of integration, Sharon Rogers also worked with Gaetan Tardif and his team at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and I am pleased to say that both UHN and Toronto Rehab will be posting the same document which reflects the work that has been done with all patients. 

I encourage each of you to read the Declaration for yourselves, and you can look for it posted around the sites in the coming weeks.


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