Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to let you know about some plans we have for the site of the building called The Residence at the corner of Gerrard and Elizabeth Streets.  Last week we submitted all of the paperwork necessary to get a demolition permit for the building currently on the site and which follows an application to build a state-of-the-art UHN Lecture Hall, which has been something we have needed since we lost the large lecture theatre through the development of MaRS.

The proposed building is designed to take advantage of current technologies, will meet LEED standards and will incorporate green space which will complement the TGH campus and the neighboring community.  In order to achieve these objectives, we have worked with the world renowned architectural firm, Diamond and Schmitt, in order to develop an exciting and innovative design which addresses a current gap in our ability to provide facilities for education at UHN.

As most of you are aware, The Residence, originally built as a dormitory for nursing students, has been used for a variety of purposes for some time.  Susan Grove and John Latham will be investigating options for fitness for UHN employees under the Value Added Benefits for Employees as  there is no space on the TGH campus to accommodate a gym and the cost of leasing space is prohibitive.  UHN will continue to operate Fun2bFit at TWH site and Fun2BFit at The Residence will continue to be available through this period of transition.

I look forward to the successful completion of a new lecture hall facility which will complement and enhance our ability to provide the best education possible for the health care professionals of the future.   

Bob Bell

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