Dear Colleagues,

As you know we are all working hard to maintain a balanced budget in 2010/2011. Following the Ontario budget announcement we continue our commitment to avoid layoffs and to maintain in-patient services to our patients. As always at UHN we are looking for efficiencies and changes to the way we do work in order to free up funding to support patient care.

Over the last several months your leadership team has undertaken an in-depth review of discretionary expenditures (the use of consultants, travel, catering, conferences, communication devices and other items) and associated policies across UHN to see if they can improve UHN's 2010/2011 budget strategy.

Most recently, Emma Pavlov led a team consisting of Directors and Managers from across UHN who developed a set of guidelines which set out new limits and approval levels for UHN's discretionary cost items.  Recently approved by the Business Operations Committee these new guidelines will be effective April 1, 2010 and will remain in place for a two year period at which time they will be reviewed.

Over the next couple of weeks associated polices within UHN such as the Expense Reimbursement and Petty Cash Policies will be revised to incorporate these guidelines so stayed tuned for more information.


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