Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to thank everyone for all of the work that went in to last week’s Accreditation.  If you couldn’t attend the report from the Accreditors or see the webcast, you will get a summary tomorrow from our Accreditation Team.  That team worked incredibly hard to manage four intense days for the accreditors and I would like to thank them on behalf of all of UHN because their work meant that we were all ready for last week.

During the debrief with UHN’s leaders we heard glowing praise of this organization for our dedication to our patients and everyone’s enthusiasm and commitment to making this the best and safest place for people to receive care.  The accreditors were impressed with UHN.  In fact, one of the physician accreditors who trained at TGH told us that he would happily join any of the units he visited and, if he had to be a patient, he would also want to be treated on any and all of the units he visited.  This was the comment that remained with me, as it did with others.

The accreditors left a very large document of their findings in my keeping and a number of us will be going through the document in the coming days so that we can forward any comments we have to Accreditation Canada.  Following that, Accreditation Canada issues its rating of UHN.  In addition, the report from the accreditors has their comments on the outstanding work that they have seen throughout UHN and suggestions about areas we might want to address before the next accreditation.  I will be asking Emily and Anita to ensure that these comments are sent along to managers so that we can take them in to account and ensure that we have addressed the comments.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the entire senior team, I would like to thank you for all of the work that went in to last week’s accreditation.  It is good to pause and have external reviewers check our work but what is even more important is that we all take the time to think about our accomplishments and to look to the future and how we can make UHN a better place for all of us so that it is the best place for our patients.


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