Dear Colleagues,

Yesterday was a rather remarkable day for the UHN Research Enterprise. In the morning, Deputy Premier (and Health Minister) George Smitherman joined us to tour Dr. John Dick's laboratory and then announced five infrastructure awards totalling $21 million dollars to enhance UHN scientific facilities. The recipients of these infrastructure awards included Drs. Pamela Catton, John Dick, Igor Jurisica, Katherine Siminiovitch, and Richard Weisel. These grants will enhance our research facilities in cancer survivorship, cancer stem cell investigations, computational biology, understanding the genetic origins of disease and in furthering regenerative medicine.

Last night, Premier Dalton McGuinty hosted a glittering dinner to celebrate the announcement of the inaugural Premier's Summit Award. Four awards were provided in Biomedical Science, with an international esteemed panel of experts from a variety of backgrounds selecting four awardees from across the Ontario scientific community. I am thrilled that three of these four prizes were received by UHN scientists - Drs. John Dick, Tak Mak and Peter St George-Hyslop. These prizes were designed to celebrate international excellence in scientific accomplishment and these three individuals certainly exemplify the highest level of scientific achievement.

Please join me in congratulating all of our colleagues who achieved such remarkable results yesterday. And join me in congratulating Dr. Christopher Paige for his leadership and development of a remarkable research organization.

Bob Bell

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