Dear Colleagues, 

It's been a little over six months since Toronto Rehab and UHN became one organization. During that time there's been a lot of activity with a focus on building a single corporate infrastructure and organizational culture. Based on the progress we've made to date, I'd say we're well on our way to achieving those objectives.

Last week we submitted the first of four semi-annual reports to the Toronto Central LHIN outlining our achievements to date and the work ahead of us to meet our integration goal of enhancing patient care across the health continuum. This report includes the highlights of our progress and I've given you a few highlights below:

  • Nine integration priorities have guided the organization's collective efforts over the past six months related to corporate services departments and infrastructure
  • The process to integrate information technology systems and networks is in full gear with a view to operating within a single UHN network domain and business/decision support system by April 2012
  • Wellness, organizational development and education activities have now been expanded to all Toronto Rehab sites, with encouraging uptake among staff
  • Expertise in the areas of Infection Prevention and Control, Translation and Interpretation and Patient Relations, among other areas, are now available to all Toronto Rehab programs
  • A review of Toronto Rehab and UHN corporate administrative and departmental policies has begun with a view to consolidating policies where appropriate while accommodating the uniqueness of clinical programs and functions as needed
  • Several town hall meetings have been held across all Toronto Rehab sites related to changes to human resources policies and corporate services practices to align with those of all of UHN
  • A new Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation has been created in recognition of the unique rehabilitation medicine expertise at Toronto Rehab
  • Toronto Rehab program staff now have access to an internal communication program including monthly UHNews, biweekly eNews and corporate intranet, which have already begun to regularly feature stories and updates from the Toronto Rehab program

By April of this year, we hope to accomplish most, if not all, of the corporate services integration priorities. We have now turned our attention to the important task of investing integration-related savings into rehabilitation and post-acute care. This spring I will be visiting all of the Toronto Rehab program sites along with Sue Jewell, Senior Clinical VP and Dr. Gaetan Tardif, Physiatrist in Chief, to talk about the areas within Toronto Rehab where we will make these investments. All of you will be able to read more about these and other integration accomplishments – and the people behind them – in UHNews, on the corporate intranet and website.

I want to thank everyone for embracing our integration and for enthusiastically looking for opportunities to collaborate and innovate in our clinical programs, education activities and research enterprise. I am always impressed with your ability to rise to any challenge and the response to integration tells me that the newest members of the UHN family are ready, willing and able to take on this and the challenges ahead.


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