​​​​Dear Colleagues,

This is to let you know that, effective September 1, 2014 staff parking rates will be set as follows:

  • TG/TW/PMC/UC – New monthly transponder rate - $180; 
  • New monthly Dual Transponder for TG/TW - $230; 
  • New daily rate - $16 with no staff rate available in the parking offices for tickets taken upon entry
  • LC/RC/BC  - New monthly rate $118 & new daily rate $12

Our last rate increase was in 2011 and our new rates are equal to or lower than most other health care facilities in our geographic area. Our program growth has meant an increased demand on our parking facilities.  In fact, the current demand for staff parking exceeds our capacity which means that there is a long waiting list for transponders and value cards.

With the demand for staff parking at an all-time high, we are exploring the possibility of expanding parking through an examination of the costs associated with redeveloping the Leonard Street Garage and the possibility of using the old site of The Residence in a temporary manner until we have the funds to redevelop that lot.  I would anticipate that any redevelopment would require the addition of underground parking, but that is some way in the future.

Increasing the cost of parking for staff will never be popular but it is a decision made with the support of the senior team.  The new rates at the Toronto Rehab sites are set with the UHN’s group rate for the TTC Metropass.  More information about that pass is at:


Below, you will find the current rates in other hospital parking lots:






St. Michael’s









Value Card​







I know that increasing the parking rates will be unpopular but this is the right decision.

Bob Bell​

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