You may have seen the story on the front page of Tuesday's Toronto Star about Rouge Valley Hospital laying off nurses. The staffing cuts at Rouge are related to balancing the hospital budget in order to sign their Hospital Accountability Agreement (HAA) with their LHIN.

I wanted to take the opportunity to update you on UHN's HAA negotiations.

To this point, we have not completed our agreement and we have been granted an extension to the end of May. During this time, we are continuing discussions with the LHIN and the Ministry about the specialized and unique services that we provide at UHN and their impact on our budget.

No matter what the outcome of the negotiation we do not anticipate staff leaving this organization. It is possible that we will need to reorganize planned service delivery, however, vacancies currently exist in most departments that would accommodate most potential changes to our staffing.

Please feel free to contact your manager if you have any uncertainties or questions and I will continue to keep you updated on our negotiations.


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