Dear Colleagues,

This week Occupational Health & Safety begins the compulsory Health and Safety Awareness training of everyone at UHN.  This is a requirement in the Province's Occupational  Health & Safety Act, but for me these new regulations underline our way of working – support for a safe work environment and an expectation that our leaders are informed and aware of how a safe environment is created and maintained.

To launch this initiative, OH&S will be in touch with all UHN's leaders – about 800 people – to register them for a compulsory course in work safety.  I'll be taking it – either here before I leave or at the Ministry.  Justine will be taking it and all of the senior management will attend the course in early June.

In addition, OH&S  will be implementing the mandatory e-courses for all staff.  You will find these e-courses on our intranet under E-Learning Centre

The names of the two mandatory courses and the course codes are:

  • UHN Worker Health & Safety Awareness – UHUHOC003W
  • Module 1 Workplace Violence & Harassment Awareness– UHUHOC007W

We will also be posting the course on our internet site behind the For Staff button so that you can take the e-course at home if you choose.  Taking the course is mandatory for everyone who works at UHN and, as our leaders receive the training, they'll be checking with all staff as to whether each individual has completed the course.

Thank you for taking the course.  Each of you needs to be aware of your role in your own health and wellbeing at work and this course will help all UHN stay safe.


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