I am very pleased that the July Hand Hygiene Audit results are reflecting all of the work that has gone into improving awareness of the importance of hand hygiene in preventing hospital acquired infections. As you know, we have increased the number of audits and we have focused attention on hand hygiene through a launch organized by Emily Musing, Charlie Chan and our IPAC teams across the three hospitals.

We have made considerable improvement toward our Balanced Scorecard target of washing our hands prior to patient contact. Many of our units have improved dramatically. However there is a lot of work to doandsome units are lagging behind. It is crucial that we keep this initiative top of mind until the whole organization is achieving target. We will keep providing you with monthly updates and soon we will be posting these results publicly for our patients to see. There is no hospital in Ontario paying as much attention to improving hand hygiene results- and I appreciate the leadership that is being displayed to make us a safer hospital.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Karen Stockton every success in her new role at The Ottawa Hospital and to welcome Michael Gardam back from his secondment to the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion. Fortunate timing for UHN!

Thank you,


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