Dear Colleagues,

I observed something yesterday that reminded me how important it is to be attentive to patients finding their way through our hospital. This note is simply to share the observation.

I was walking down a corridor at TGH, rushing across to a meeting at PMH. One of our staff was walking equally quickly ahead of me with no idea that I was following. Our staff member walked past a patient who was looking at a way-finding map on the wall. She was moving quickly enough that she has passed the patient and map by at least five feet when she stopped, turned back and said simply, "can I help you find your way?" The patient smiled in relief and said that she was just trying to sort out where she was on the map. Our staff member then escorted her to her destination.

The consideration showed by that staff member made the patient's experience considerably more comfortable (and made my day!!). It certainly reminded me that patients are guests in our "home away from home." We need to constantly remind ourselves that guests require our personal attention to feel comfortable and that this is part of our job in healthcare.

I am a bit embarrassed that I did not stop and thank that TGH staff member. Whoever you are, thanks for doing your job so well.


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