Dear Colleagues,

A very short note this morning to say that all signs are that H1N1 cases in our emergency departments and staff illness are both declining and that all scheduled activities are going forward as expected.  We will continue to monitor the flu activity throughout the hospital but the team of people who have worked on UHN's response to H1N1 let me know this morning that they think that we can stand down in terms of the flu hotline, our regular meetings and changes we've made to some areas such as the temporary hold on Observer privileges.  My thanks to everyone for all of the work and to all staff at UHN who participated in the H1N1 vaccine program because, when you stay healthy, it is easier to keep UHN functioning at its peak.

We will continue to offer H1N1 vaccine to inpatients and ambulatory patients and for any staff, students, physicians or volunteers who would like the shot and you can get it at any of the sites in the office of Occupational Health and Safety.  The flu carts are now offering the seasonal flu vaccine to all staff, students, physicians and volunteers and I'll close with this thought - If you were vaccinated against the H1N1 flu, why wouldn't you also take a seasonal flu shot?  Both strains of flu make you miserable and put you in bed for a week or so.  All flu poses a risk to those around you including family, friends and your patients.

The flu carts, with the red and green balloons, will be travelling throughout UHN and I encourage you to take that second shot this season.


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