Dear Colleagues, 

I've just a few 'flu notes' on which to end the week including the fact that every flu measure we're following seems to indicate that we are over the crest of the second wave and on the downward slope. My thanks to all of you for all the work and for lining up in greater numbers than ever before to get your H1N1 shot. The advice of both Occupational Health & Safety and Infection Prevention & Control is for everyone to also get the seasonal flu shot and I'll be following through on that suggestion. It would seem foolish to avoid H1N1, only to spend a miserable week in bed with another strain of flu!

Seasonal Flu Campaign

  • Our seasonal flu campaign will start Monday with vaccine available to staff, students, volunteers and physicians.  The flu carts will be roaming for the first couple of weeks.
  • The flu carts -- complete with red and green balloons -- will now have the seasonal flu vaccine and you just need your UHN ID badge and a bare arm to receive the vaccine.
  • Your reward for getting a second shot?  Immunization for the other strains of flu that are out there, a chocolate bar and the knowledge that you are also protecting yourself, your family and your patients from the possibility of contracting another strain of flu from you. 

H1N1 Flu Campaign

  • ​This shot is still available from Occupational Health & Safety.  If you haven't had your H1N1 shot as yet, you will need to visit the site office of OH&S to get the shot. There is still plenty of vaccine available.
  • We are continuing to immunize inpatients and outpatients attending our clinics with the H1N1 vaccine on the advice of the physicians responsible for the patients' care. Outpatient H1N1 Stationary Carts will remain in place on 5A West, 1FP and in clinics at PMH.
  • You may have heard on the news that a batch of H1N1 vaccine has been recalled.  Pharmacy has let me know that one lot of H1N1 vaccine (7A) has been associated with a marginally higher number than expected of allergic and anaphylactic reactions and that the recall was done as a precautionary measure.  However, UHN did not receive any vaccine in this lot.



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