Dear Colleagues,

In response to a Fire Safety Audit, the Fire and Life Safety Department is implementing a new Fire Warden Program to meet Ontario Fire Code requirements. I support this program because it is a system to help our departments prevent and prepare for fire emergencies by having delegated staff trained to carry out specific duties. The program is primarily proactive in nature and focuses on reducing fire hazards, and increasing staff training and awareness.

Managers are responsible for assigning this role to their staff and it is recommended to appoint two fire wardens per shift so that duties can be shared. Fire Wardens will perform monthly fire inspections and conduct quarterly fire drills in clinical areas and annual fire drills in non clinical areas. The training is two hours and will take place at TGH on a vacant unit (to simulate clinical and nonclinical work areas) and will focus on prevention and preparedness. Training will start on March 1, 2011 and continue until March 31, 2011. Registration is now open on the eLearning Centre on the Corporate Intranet.

If you are interested in becoming a Fire Warden please express your interest with your Manager.  

I want to remind you that fire prevention and response is everyone's responsibility. All employees are responsible in a fire emergency and should know their established fire procedures in order to achieve the highest standards of fire safety. With the addition of the Fire Warden Program this will increase the specialized knowledge of more staff to ensure that we’re prepared for any fire related incident.

I want to thank our Emergency Preparedness and the Fire & Life Safety Departments for taking the lead on this important initiative.

If you have any questions about the Fire Warden Program please contact John Chartrand, UHN Fire and Life Safety Manager.


*This message is for clinical and corporate on-site (hospital) areas only. This includes clinical Research personnel working in these areas. Research specific instructions for laboratory locations will be announced in Spring 2011.*


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