Dear Colleagues,

In my first Straight Talk on Strategic Planning, I mentioned that an Environmental Scan of global and local health care trends was recently completed. This scan le d to the development of our Framework for Strategic Planning at UHN. 

The Environmental Scan highlights the changing environment and provides insight into how these changes may affect our mission of providing exemplary patient care, research and education while striving for global impact. The Environmental Scan is a snapshot in time.  You can read the Environmental Scan here.

UHN's Framework for Strategic Planning identifies two key directions for UHN; 

  • Continue to excel in are as where we lead including:

o    Enhancing retention and development of staff
o    Collaborating on plans for the delivery of better health care, system integration and partnerships
o    Facilitating program "funded" growth in strategic elements
o    Improving patient safety and outcomes
o    Improving our fiscal integrity
o    Building our capital assets and all aspects of in formation management
o    Maintaining balance and integration between our three hospitals

  • Enhance our entrepreneur​ial spirit to:

o    Improve the "value" of care
o    Develop and commercialize new knowledge through research and innovation
o    Develop and implement new models in education/training
o    Leverage our critical mass & exp ertise for health system improvement, economic growth & city building
o    Attract new sources of funding

 The Strategic Framework will provide guidance for program and departmental planning.  It also tells everyone at UHN where we intend to go.

Now it's your turn…We would really like to hear from you on the Environmental Scan and Corporate Framework.  To provide feedback, please go to our UHN Strategic Plan 2016 webpage .



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