Hi Everyone,

We have received the final reports from the "Have Your Say" 2006 UHN Employee Opinion Survey, and I'm happy to share the results with you today.

Fifty per cent of staff participated in the survey, which is a very good response rate. I'm thrilled to report that 75 per cent of staff rate UHN as a "good" or "very good" place to work. That's an increase from our rating in 2003 (73 per cent) and 2001 (44 per cent).

The survey also measured staff satisfaction in seven key areas: respect, teamwork, physical environment/safety, work practice, communications, learning environment, and recognition and compensation. The numbers show we've improved in every area.

Here are some of the highlights:

Respect: 80 per cent feel UHN is a place where diversity is respected; 77 per cent feel that the person they report to respects staff and 76 percent say that co-workers respect each other.

Teamwork: 75 per cent say that the person they report to works well as a team member, and 69 per cent feel that there is interdepartmental and team support.

Physical Environment/Safety: 70 per cent say they have up-to-date equipment to do their jobs, and 73 per cent are satisfied with the computer technology that they use.

Communication: 78 per cent of respondents indicate that they understand and are informed about UHN's mission and goals and 79 per cent feel that they have clarity about their role/work expectations.

Where we can improve:

Rewards and incentives for work: Staff would like to see more non-monetary rewards and incentives such as positive recognition from colleagues and managers, celebrating important milestones.

Opportunities for advancement: Having opportunities for advancement is very important to staff, and though we have improved in this area (49 per cent say UHN is doing a good or very good job, compared to 43 per cent last time) this priority is an ongoing challenge.

Opportunities to learn from other departments: 52 percent feel that UHN is doing a good, very good or excellent job in this area. Our rating is significantly better than other teaching hospitals, but is an area for future attention.

Outside of these key areas, staff also identified key areas where UHN could improve the experience of staff.

  • Positive/fun work environment
  • Recognition/support for work role
  • Involvement in decisions
  • Fair/regular feedback on performance
  • Freedom to improve how w​ork is done

Next steps...

Your manager will soon be reviewing the results for your specific area/unit and will be communicating them with you. You'll have an opportunity to share your input in creating action plans. At the same time, UHN-wide initiatives are being planned to respond to survey results.

In closing, I'd like to congratulate all staff-the improvements in the survey results are something we can all be proud of. The "good" and "very good" ratings we earn are thanks to your dedication and teamwork. With this outstanding team, UHN has a bright future ahead.


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