University Health Network has received the results of the Ebola test that was sent to Winnipeg.  The result is negative which means that the Ebola isolation protocol is discontinued. 

This means that the patient will not be isolated and staff caring for the patient will not be using special personal protective equipment for Ebola while providing care. 

No further information about this patient will be released. 

Staff at UHN followed the protocol because the patient has a travel history from Nigeria within the past 21 days and also had a fever.  When travel history and any of the symptoms (fever, chills, bleeding and/or chills) are present the protocol requires staff to use full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when working with the patient, that the patient be placed in isolation, that a test for Ebola be submitted and that precautions continue until such time as Ebola has been ruled out, symptoms resolve themselves or a diagnosis of another illness is confirmed. 

These protocols are designed to protect our staff, our patients and visitors to the hospital. 

In the coming months there will be occasions at UHN and at hospitals throughout the GTA where such protocols are put into effect.  UHN has been working on our response for some time and – in this case – the response followed the protocol throughout  and everyone working with the case has been professional, caring, trained and prepared. 

In order to respect patient privacy there will be no further comment on this case. 


Gillian Howard

Vice President, Public Affairs

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