Dear Colleagues

Last month I visited each hospital site to discuss strategic planning: where we have been and where we are planning to go over the next five years. During each Town Hall, I spent most of my time talking about UHN's Framework for Strategic Planning, focusing in on areas where we currently show leadership and where we will continue to excel over the next five years and areas where we will accelerate to enhance our entrepreneurial spirit.

In general, the Framework received a very positive response. Those who attended the Town Halls felt that they could see themselves and the work that they do everyday represented within this Framework. That said, however, we were given constructive feedback on how we can improve the framework.

First, to me, it is second nature to assume that UHN values inter-professional collaboration and patient-centred care. So much so, that in drafting the first version of the Framework, these concepts were not explicitly stated.

Second, I was reminded of UHN's dedication to energy and environmental stewardship and the development and implementation of new models of care.

Finally, as I reflected on the need to maintain balance amongst our three hospitals and comments made on the importance of Information Management as a key enabler, I felt it necessary to add additional themes to the Framework.

You can view UHN's revised Strategic Planning Framework here and it has also been posted on the UHN Strategic Plan 2016 webpage - I welcome your thoughts on the changes that have been made.  

I would also like to invite you to view the first three program presentations that have been made to UHN's Board of Trustees - PMH Cancer Program, Multi-Organ Transplant Program and the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre. These presentations were well received by the Board and showcased the excellence that exists here at UHN. These presentations are posted on the UHN Strategic Plan webpage as well. You can access the webpage here .


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