At UHN, we are very fortunate to be generously supported by the external community. Grateful patients and their families recognize and celebrate the staff who contribute to positive patient experiences by supporting our foundations with generous donations. This holiday season our three foundations are coming together in the same philanthropic spirit with an initiative called the Cornerstone Campaign.

The campaign is designed to raise funds from our community for the priorities of our three hospitals. Many staff are already contributing to the Cornerstone Campaign through payroll deduction, special events, bake sales, walks or one-time donations and I appreciate that you make this extra effort to give back to the hospital. Your support can be seen in the purchase of new equipment, new patient waiting areas, scholarships, enhancements to our volunteer services and many other tangible projects.

With this Straight Talk I'm asking everyone to support UHN's Cornerstone Campaign through one of our three foundations: Arthritis & Autoimmunity Research Centre Foundation, Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation. Our goal is for 100% participation. If you and 10,999 of your colleagues each gave $2 the result would be $500,000 for projects at our hospitals!

You can choose a program area or division that is meaningful to you. Is there a particular goal that your team wants to achieve? Or, would you like to recognize a colleague with a donation on his or her behalf?

Follow the link to the Cornerstone Campaign web site ( for more information on how you can give to the campaign and join me in supporting our work at UHN.

Bob Bell ​

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