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Events like Hurricane Katrina, the blackout, industrial oil spills, SARS and a potential global pandemic remind us of the importance of preparing for the unknown. It's especially important for hospitals to be prepared for emergencies in order to mitigate their impact and provide care to patients.

Getting Code Ready in October

Throughout the month of October, UHN will be offering information booths and interactive staff sessions to encourage workplace safety and health. Led by the Emergency Preparedness Team, Human Resources, the Workplace Violence Prevention Steering Committee, the Joint Health and Safety Committees, Infection Prevention and Control and the Fire Marshals' team, "Code Ready" is about ensuring that every staff member is aware of measures to prevent and respond to unknown events such as fires, bio-hazardous spills and violent situations. October is also an opportunity to encourage staff to exercise personal wellness and to support efforts for creating the healthiest possible work environment.

A few highlights:

• October 3-5 is "Workplace Violence Prevention Week." Check out live demonstrations on ways to de-escalate and respond to aggressive situations.

• October 10-12 is "Fire Prevention Week." Information booths and fire safety courses will be available during this week.

• Oct. 16-20 is "National Infection Control Week." Infection control is everyone's responsibility so get the latest information on ways to safeguard our hospitals from 
infectious diseases.

• October 25-31 is "Wellness Week." Learn practical tips on personal wellness and for creating the healthiest work environment at UHN.

• Decontamination demonstrations and training sessions will be available to prepare staff for potential bio-hazardous disasters.

• The Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees will be holding information booths to heighten awareness about staff safety, such as needlestick safety.

Look out for more information on upcoming events and information in UHNews and on the intranet. I encourage everyone to participate; every one of us has a role to play for creating the safest and healthiest work environment at UHN.


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