Hi Everyone:

I want to update you on UHN's progress in addressing our budget issues for this fiscal year. Over the winter and spring, UHN's Operations leadership worked very hard to identify $20 million in savings by increasing revenue and implementing administrative efficiencies. However, UHN continues to face significant cost pressures due to inflation, increasing demand for new and costly technologies and drug therapies, as well as a growth in our patient populations and their acuity.

Today, the Board of Directors passed a motion supporting senior management to move forward with a projected operating deficit of $9.8 million for this fiscal year. To ensure that we do not exceed this projected deficit, we've established eight budget teams (emergency/GIM, pharmacy, labs/DI utilization, attendance management, surgical services/OR, weighted cases and chart completion, and energy management) to identify efficiencies, control projected overspending while maintaining or enhancing service and outcome quality.

Each budget team is lead by an Executive Sponsor/Chair and has representatives from various programs/sites and corporate areas. The teams will present a potential action plan to Senior Management in October.

We are on track to meet our performance agreement targets with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for inpatient and ambulatory care. At the present time, we are not anticipating reductions in clinical programs for 2005/06. In December, the Board will be presented with the final Hospital Accountability Agreement with the Ministry.

Thanks to all staff members who continue to provide excellent patient centered care and clinical support despite constant pressures for efficiency. UHN is recognized as a leader in Canadian healthcare because of your efforts. Thank you.


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