Dear Colleagues, 

As we get closer to the province's budget day, we are also closer to receiving news from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care about our funding for next year and what the new funding formula (HBAM) will mean for UHN. In addition to this change in funding formula which could decrease our global budget, we have the pressure of inflation which may or may not be partially addressed by the Ministry. As I've said before, the provincial economic outlook and the government's need to control spending are going to affect all of us and we are going to have to pull together to work through our budget challenges.

I want to start by saying that we will do everything within our power to avoid involuntary layoffs. You are, individually and collectively, the most valuable resource we have and we work hard to move people within the organization when vacancies occur because people retire or leave UHN for other opportunities. Therefore, we will continue our hiring freeze and recruiting people from outside UHN will require my signature or the signature of one of our UHN Exec members before a process can go forward. I know that this is difficult, but it is necessary if we want to hold to our goal of avoiding involuntary layoffs.

Some of you have asked "What can I do to help?" or "I have ideas that could save UHN money so who do I talk to about those ideas?" All ideas are welcome and you should bring them forward through your manager.

In answering the first question I'll offer two facts which are staggering – at least to me. Last year UHN spent approximately $16.5 million to replace individuals who had called in sick and approximately $10 million on overtime. We all need to work together to reduce these costs and the effort will involve each of you, managers, Human Resource staff, union leadership, and your colleagues. When we reduce this cost, we greatly improve our ability to avoid involuntary layoffs in the years ahead.

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