Dear Colleagu​​es,

Several of you have written to me expressing concern about the article mentioning UHN is yesterday's Toronto Star. For those of you who have not seen the article, the paper reported that two provincial bureaucrats are paid through the UHN payroll. This is very old news- these two people have been posted on our public disclosure list (the so-called "Sunshine List") for several years and I am not sure why the Star chose to report the fact now.

Staff members have questioned whether UHN is paying those salaries and also whether other Ministry people working at UHN are paid from our budget. The answer to this is very clear- all of these salaries are paid by the Ministry along with small amounts of funding to offset costs of their offices and computers for those Ministry staff who are positioned at UHN.

In summary, the fact that Ministry staff are paid through UHN has no cost to the UHN budget.


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