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As you'll see from the Subject line of today's Straight Talk, we're celebrating Dr. Richard Reznick's appointment as Dean of Health Sciences and Director of the School of Medicine at Queen's University.  In selecting Richard to lead their programs, Queen's has selected one of Canada's leading medical educators and everyone at UHN has reason to congratulate Queen's on their wisdom.

In celebrating Queen's decision and wishing Richard every success, we also thank him for everything he's done here at UHN and at the University of Toronto, and take a little time to mourn his departure.  Richard is an inspirational leader and I know that we will all be sorry to lose his enthusiasm, dedication and complete commitment to medical education and to interprofessional education.  The media release below is from Queen's elaborates on his academic and professional credentials, which gives me the opportunity to describ​​e some of Richard's many wonderful qualities as a colleague and friend.

I first met Richard when we were both very junior surgeons newly appointed to the University faculty (Richard -- I won't tell how long ago that was as long as you promise not to tell either). Surgical education was a new concept at that time- and there were very few surgeons willing to describe themselves as surgeon-educators. Richard Reznick changed all that. He is the best known surgeon-educator in the world and has contributed so much to how we teach surgeons and other health professionals. Richard has never lost his passion for learning about, and studying, how we learn. The University of Toronto and UHN have been infected by his passion and we are very proud that the Wilson Center and our new Inter-professional Education Center led by Maria Tassone will stand as witness to Richard's vision.

I'm sure many of you will have your own stories about Richard's contributions to surgery, professional education or a story about the care he took of his patients.We are very sorry that he is leaving us, but take comfort in the fact that the system will benefit.  One of UHN's key contributions to the health system in this province is that we are a place that supports and encourages people in leadership roles and wish them well when the leave us to fulfill that mandate.

Congratulations Richard. A richly deserved appointment and one that we celebrate with you, while regretting our loss.

I have attached the Queen's announcement below.

Robert S. Bell, MDCM,MSc,FACS,FRCSC,
President and Chief Executive Officer,
University Health Network,

Queen's Health Sciences gets new dean

KINGSTON, ON – Richard Reznick is Queen's new dean of Health Sciences and director of the School of Medicine. His five-year term commences July 1, 2010.

He will be appointed full professor with tenure in the Department of Surgery and will serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization (SEAMO).

Dr. Reznick is currently the R.S. McLaughlin Professor and Chair of the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto and Vice-President, Education, at University Health Network.

He is considered one of the pre-eminent surgical educators in North America and abroad. An accomplished general and colorectal surgeon, his principal academic focus is research in medical education,

"Dr. Reznick's appointment as dean is a reaffirmation of the vital importance accorded to the Faculty of Health Sciences both within Queen's University and in the health care community of Kingston and Southeastern Ontario," says Vice-Principal (Academic) Patrick Deane. "I know that he will be an able and successful champion of the highest standards in research and education, and will work with our partner hospitals to realize the full potential of existing and future partnerships."

In addition to chairing the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto, he currently serves as head of its fellowship program in surgical education and is a founding director of the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine Centre for Research in Education (CRE), now known as The Wilson Centre.  He also serves on the board of directors for the Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation and is the Vice President, Education of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Dr. Reznick is the son of a Queen's alumnus. Having worked with many Queen's grads over the years, he is very excited about his appointment to Queen's.

"My dad was a Queen's alumnus and many of my colleagues have fond memories of their Queen's days," he says. "I have also trained many Queen's grads, so to join this university, with its proud 170 year-old tradition, is both a privilege and a responsibility."

Dr. Reznick completed his medical degree at McGill University and later graduated from the general-surgery training program at the University of Toronto.  He completed a Master of Education degree at Southern Illinois University and then did a fellowship in colorectal surgery at University of Texas in Houston. Contact Jeff Drake, jeff.drake@queensu.ca, 613 533-2877 Queen's News and Media Services. ​

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