Dear Colleagues,

As you probably have heard, this afternoon an Air France airplane skidded off the runway at Pearson airport. Fortunately, it appears that most if not all of the passengers were evacuated prior to the plane bursting into flames.

In response to the initial reports of the accident, UHN established a Corporate Command Center. We have now heard from the provincial Incident Manager that thankfully, there were limited numbers of seriously injured passengers requiring hospital care. Many passengers were assessed at the site as CTAS Class III (ambulatory patients requiring assessment). All of these patients have been transferred to other GTA hospitals. The Incident Manager has told us that we can discontinue our Command Center.​

As expected our staff responded rapidly to the potential need to receive a large number of patients from this incident. We will debrief our response and ensure that our incident management was as effective as possible.

Thanks to all staff who responded to this incident with calmness and efficiency.


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