Dear Colleagues,

This year, Administrative Professionals Week runs from April 24 – April 30 and the week provides an opportunity to recognize the work of all of the people who provide support throughout UHN to the various groups, individuals and areas.

We rely on Administrative Professionals to get our patients to the right clinics at the right time. We count on them to keep us organized, efficient and supported with appropriate materials. And, I speak from experience when I say that I couldn't meet the demands of my role without the work that goes on behind the scenes in my office. Ruth Gopaul and Annie Palmer cheerfully organize, reorganize and reschedule my work every day of the year. They have my gratitude and admiration and I regard them as essential to UHN.

Please take the opportunity of this designated week to thank the person who supports you or your area. UHN functions well because of the concerted effort of a team of people and administrative professionals are an important part of that team.


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