Dear Colleagues,

This week we are celebrating a number of professions and causes whic h means a number of Straight Talks to the whole organization from me.  The last week of April is designated as Administrative Professionals Week and April 25 is set aside as the day for recognition and celebration of the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, and other office professionals for their growing and diverse contributions to the workplace.

It would be impossible for UHN to function efficiently without the services of these professionals and they handle a wide variety of increasingly complex tasks.  Administrative professionals support our patients and ensure that they end up in the right clinic at the right time and with the right physician.  They make sure that documentation and documents are clear, precise and ready on time.  They perform a host of tasks throughout the organization which enables the people they support to succeed in taking on the challenges of being the best research hospital in Canada.

On behalf of everyone at UHN, I would like to extend thanks and recognition for your professional support of the many people who make up this organization.

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