Dear Colleagues,

I've been asked by a number of people about the work that is happening on University Avenue in front of the Peter Munk Building so I thought I'd send along some information.

Peter and Melanie Munk have supported the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre for many years now and one of the projects that their donations support are the improvements to the front of the Peter Munk building including the lobby and the landscaping.  The work now underway will provide complete landscaping, a defined seating area for staff, patients and families to enjoy, and signs for the front of Toronto General.  The timing of the work is linked to the completion of the MaRS II construction because the Toronto General driveway entrance and exit have changed, based on the MaRS building and driveways. 

While some funding has been provided by MaRS because of the driveway changes, the Peter and Melanie Munk Foundation has supported most of this work.  I've included an artist's rendition of what the finished work will look like in the jpeg below.​


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