Dear Colleagues,

If you click on the link below you can meet my electronic counterpart – Virtual Bob – slimmer, slightly awkward with enormous 'paws.'  You be the judge of whether my avatar looks like me!  It's my 'toe in the water' to the social media world.

Over the past year and a half, our clinical programs, corporate areas, and key stakeholders have worked together to develop a new strategic plan for our organization.  Virtual Bob will take you through a brief summary and direct you to the longer version of UHN's new five-year strategy – >UHN Strategic Directions 2016:  Global Impact – Local Accountability.

In the coming months, we will be working with program and corporate leadership to begin implementation of the core strategies found within our new plan. UHN will need everyone to be involved if we are to achieve our goal of being one of the premier research hospitals in the world within five years.

My thanks to everyone for their input and engagement throughout our strategic planning process and let me know what you think of Virtual Bob, an addition to UHN's team of avatars.


Visit the Strategic Directions 2016: Global Impact - Local Accountability website.

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