Dear Colleagues,

One of the best measures of an organization’s success is how its leaders are perceived by the outside world. For this reason (and other reasons) I was delighted when Matt Anderson was appointed as CEO of the Toronto Central LHIN and Kevin Empey was named as CEO of Lakeridge Hospital. You hate to lose great people- but it is terrific when our people are recognized as the best l​eaders in the system!!

​Today UHN’s role as a leadership development centre for healthcare has been recognized yet again. I am delighted to let you know that Dr. John Wright, UHN Vice-President of Medical Affairs, has been appointed as CEO of The Scarborough Hospital. John has been acting-CEO at Scarborough for several months and has obviously been doing a wonderful job. He is a very popular leader at UHN and I am sure that many of you will join me in wishing John all the best of luck and thanks for his many years of service at UHN.

We can feel proud of Tony Easty without having to feel sad that he is leaving. Today Tony was recognized by the American College of Clinical Engineering with their very first international ExCEL Award for superior institutional leadership at a global level of performance. Tony won this award over major competition from American centres and was recognized (amongst other things) for his leadership in enhancing patient safety through human factor engineering. Tony is one of the foremost leaders of the Patient Safety movement at UHN and it is terrific that his leadership has been recognized with this important award. I know that we all feel proud when UHN is recognized for its leadership talent. This is a great, creative place to work- thanks to all of you for your commitment to excellence.


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