Hi Everyone, 

Over the last few months, Kevin Empey, Catherine Zahn and I have met hundreds of staff at Town Hall meetings and in-service meetings on units to discuss the UHN Balanced Scorecard and how it gives "life" to our new Purpose Statement.

As many of you've heard, a balanced scorecard is a framework for goal setting to ensure we're working towards the same goals that are most important to UHN. These goals reflect our values in developing our people, in providing patient-centred care, in celebrating creativity, in being accountable for using resources wisely, and promoting teaching.

With your valuable feedback, we have refined UHN's targets and indicators. I'm pleased to share the finalized version of the UHN's Balanced Scorecard for 2006/07, which highlights this year's goals (for example, improved system competency), targets and indicators (for example, improve the indicator of Emergency Department patient satisfaction by a target of 2%).

I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to become familiar with the UHN Balanced Scorecard. You and your team, along with your managers, will be developing goals from the scorecard that are most relevant to your particular work. This will ensure that you can concentrate your energy and resources for maximum impact in quality improvement. 
To support your efforts in goal setting and team planning, we will be launching a UHN Balanced Scorecard intranet site for fast access to tools, updates on initiatives, a listing of upcoming education sessions and other valuable resources. Human Resources will also be hosting education sessions in May and June and ongoing as required for managers and staff. 
At the organizational level, we are finalizing a list of UHN initiatives that support the realization of these goals for 2006/07. The UHN Balanced Scorecard will help keep us on track and help us move in unison toward our collective goals.
Thanks to everyone for their valuable contribution on this important initiative! 

To view the UHN BSC 2006-2007 document, please click here.
To view the UNH BSC Definitions 2006-2007 document, please click here.​

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