Dear Colleagues,

Mental health statistics alarm us – 20 percent of Canadians will personally experience a mental illness in their lifetime and almost one half (49 percent) of those who feel they have suffered from depression or anxiety have never seen a doctor or medical professional about this problem.

This October, UHN celebrates Healthy Workplace Month. The goals of Canada's Healthy Workplace Month is to increase awareness of three elements key to a healthy workplace:

Health and lifestyle practices – the personal choices you make each day

Workplace culture and a supportive environment – our psychosocial work environment

Physical environment and occupational health and safety – our workplace surroundings.

At UHN we're fortunate to have a healthy workplace program which many of you take part in. To celebrate the importance of health and well-being this month, UHN's wellness program is offering a multitude of activities throughout the month of October, including:

Wellness activity booths at Toronto General, Toronto Western, Princess Margaret, and Toronto Rehab's University Centre, Bickle and Lyndhurst lobbies, with freebies, information, prize options and seated massages

Free exercise and yoga classes

Cooking classes

Creative arts programs

The schedule of activities can be found by clicking here. 

Please participate, register for wellness programs and let the wellness teams know if you would like specific programs to come to the clinical floor. Contact Alison Cocking ( for more information.

For more wellness updates, check-out and subscribe to UHN's wellness blog:

Happy Healthy Workplace Month!





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