Dear Colleagues, 

Many of you will have read yesterday's Globe and Mail article about the new gift from Peter and Melanie Munk. This news was shared the evening before at the PMCC Staff event where a group representing all of PMCC with the Munks in attendance and CBC's Rex Murphy hosting the evening. The new Munk gift of $18million will be used to support the people of the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre and is focused on establishing:

  • Centre of Excellence in Valvular Heart Disease
  • Centre of Excellence in Aortic Disease
  • Centre of Excellence in Multinational Clinical Trials
  • Centre of Excellence in Molecular Medicine

The Munk gift also supports the establishment of 5 new Chairs and I am delighted to announce and congratulate Dr. Barry Rubin on his appointment as the inaugural Peter Munk Cardiac Centre Medical Director Chair. Barry's vision of an integrated medical approach is unique and I believe it represents the future of cardiac care throughout the world. I look forward to the advances that will be made under his leadership.

Dr. Vivek Rao in his new role as Head, Division of Cardiovascular Surgery will be Peter Munk Cardiac Centre Chair in Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics, and Dr. Michael Farkouh will be Director of the Centre of Excellence in Multinational Clinical Trials.

Searches for the remaining three Chairs have been started.

The remainder of the Munk gift will support our Innovation Fund, allowing us the opportunity to pioneer new treatments for our patients. I congratulate the staff of the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre for their ongoing commitment and care to their work, which has ensured that we are the best cardiac centre in the world.

The generous gift from Peter and Melanie marks the launch a new Campaign to raise $100 million over the next two years to support the programs at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre. I know I speak for everyone in the PMCC when I express gratitude for the continued support by Peter and Melanie for the work that is done here and the vision that we have to help people.


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