Dear Colleagues,

A brief note today to let you know that our volumes in the Emergency Departments continue to run above normal volumes, sick calls are also above normal and we continue to care for H1N1 patients throughout UHN.

This week we started to vaccinate patients on our inpatient units and in clinics where our physicians have recommended vaccine for high risk groups such as transplant patients, those attending chemotherapy daycare, and lupus patients. We expect to receive more vaccine tomorrow and Drs. Susy Hota and Charlie Chan will work with our medical staff to determine our priority list of patients who should receive vaccine while attending clinics at UHN.  It is important to remember that family doctors are now receiving supplies of vaccine and it is reasonable to refer many patients to their family doctors for flu shots.  We do this every year, and it is a reasonable thing to do given that​​ vaccine supply is being distributed to family physicians now.

Our vaccination program for staff, students, volunteers and physicians will continue tomorrow with stationary carts at all three sites. Please note that the flu carts are not in operation today but Occupational Health & Safety has now vaccinated approximately 10,000 individuals with UHN ID badges within two weeks. That is an amazing feat.

The flu hotline is in operation so all questions about the flu from employees will be addressed at 416-340-FLUS. For patients, the website ( has a number of answers to the most common questions we are asked with links to a number of resources with information about H1N1, vaccine and other flu-related questions.

Finally - today is Remembrance Day. It is a time for quiet reflection which honours the memories of Canadians who have died while serving our country and I know that each of you will find a way to honour those who have made sacrifices through the years. Spiritual Care is offering short services at each site at 11 in the main atrium at each of our sites and, if you can attend, please do so.


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