Dear Colleagues,

There's been an unprecedented level of media attention on infectious diseases and its devastating effects on our health and food processing systems. Soon, you will be hearing more about how Ontario hospitals are strengthening their infection control systems to maintain the confidence of patients and the public.

Michael Gardam has led UHN's infection control programs for the past ten years. In addition to his leadership of Infection Prevention and Control, Michael also cares for patients with tuberculosis at TWH's TB Clinic. During SARS, Michael's expertise was crucial in guiding us through a troubling

It is my pleasure to announce that Michael will be sharing his knowledge and experience with our entire province in his new role as the Director of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control for the Ontario Agency for Health Promotion and Protection. The Agency is mandated to provide scientific and technical support and advice to the provincial government, public health units, health providers and institutions. In his role with the Agency, Michael will lead a team of infectious disease control specialists to develop and enhance capacity across the province in infection and communicable disease control.

Fortunately, this is not a fond farewell. Michael will continue advising us on infection control strategies as UHN's Medical Director of Infection Prevention and Control. However, he will be more removed from the day to day workings of the department. Accordingly, Karen Stockton will become the Director of Infection Prevention and Control and she will be responsible for the overall operation of the program.

I am very proud of the new positions achieved by both Michael and Karen. It is very gratifying to see that so many of UHN's leaders are being recognized as leaders of our healthcare system. Michael, thank you for what you have accomplished in the past- we look forward to celebrating your new achievements in the future.

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