​​Dear Colleagues, 

I wanted to provide you with an update on UHN's partnership with Kuwait, as we near the end of the first year of the relationship. As a reminder, in December 2010, UHN signed a five-year agreement to consult on the provision of cancer care services at the Kuwait Cancer Control Centre (KCCC). The first year has been a great learning opportunity for the organization and I'd like to thank staff from across PMH and UHN who have shared their considerable expertise and knowledge in a new culture and environment.

Throughout the first year, our teams have visited Kuwait to conduct information gathering for the development of departmental and hospital-level plans at the KCCC, provided a wide array of continuing education lectures, and offered professional opinions and recommendations on the treatment of patients and the delivery of care. The feedback from our teams has been very positive, with nearly 90% indicating that the experience was meaningful and worthwhile.

As we head into year two of the partnership, we will continue to leverage opportunities afforded through this relationship to enhance the partnership and its benefits to UHN and Ontario's healthcare system. Many team members have commented that they've learned almost as much as they've taught, and that the team building that occurs during the visits strengthens the delivery of multidisciplinary care at UHN. The partnership also strongly supports both UHN and PMH's visions of global impact, which I believe also supports the enhancement of Canada's international reputation, particularly within healthcare. Ultimately this partnership also promotes our local accountability to our patients and communities by providing additional resources at UHN.

I look forward to UHN further developing its relationship with Kuwait in 2012, building on the excellent work done to date by staff from across the cancer program and other areas of the organization. I encourage you to contact me, Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz, Marnie Escaf or Fatima Sheriff with any ideas or questions you may have regarding this ongoing initiative. It is only with your input and support that this venture will truly succeed.

Bob Bell

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