Dear Colleagues,

Monday  I received my H1N1 flu vaccine as part of a photo opportunity with the new Minister of Health and Long Term Care – Deb Matthews.  My arm is a little sore today but I expect that my immune system has kicked in to overdrive and taking the shot will virtually ensure that I don't come down with this flu.

I'd like to thank Occupational Health & Safety and Infection Prevention and Control for all of their efforts to get the vaccine to UHN and to start our flu campaign as of last Friday.  It is very important that as many of you as possible get vaccinated.  By doing so, you'll avoid an unpleasant week in bed, ensure that you don't pass the flu along to your family, friends or patients, and be able to continue to provide care for the many, many people who count on us to be here each and every day.

We will get enough vaccine for every person at UHN who wants a shot.  We have started in the areas of the hospital where staff members are most likely to come in to contact with patients who have the flu and in areas where patients are immune compromised so that we reduce the chances of passing the flu along to our patients.  Please wait until the flu carts roll in to your area to get your shot as there's enough for everyone and we're trying to get to every area within the next two weeks.

We are relying on Toronto Public Health's vaccination clinics and general practitioners to vaccinate members of the public who are well.  We do not anticipate providing the shot to individuals who walk in off the street and I rely on our medical professionals to determine what is best done for our inpatients and patients who attend clinics.  By and large, I would expect most patients to be vaccinated by their general practitioner or by attending a vaccination clinic offered by Toro​nto Public Health.


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