Dear Colleagues,

On Thursday March 24th I will be wearing something purple. Why purple? It is the international colour for epilepsy and UHN will be celebrating Purple Day (the official date is Saturday March 26th). I encourage everyone to wear purple to support our colleagues in the epilepsy program at the Krembil Neuroscience Centre, Toronto Western Hospital as well as members of our community who are living with epilepsy.

Purple Day was founded by nine year old Cassidy Megan from Nova Scotia to raise awareness about epilepsy. Today, Purple Day is celebrated throughout Canada and around the world.

Epilepsy is characterized by brief, on-going seizures, which are caused by over-active electrical signals in the brain. It is the most common, serious neurological condition in the world (it affects over 50 million people world wide - approximately one in 100), yet it is often a misunderstood by the general public. People with epilepsy often feel stigmatized as a result of misconceptions surrounding this condition. These negative responses push many people living with epilepsy into isolation.

There is a popular belief that with today's medication epilepsy is a problem that is largely solved. But the reality is that epilepsy is a complex brain disorder that can be difficult to diagnose as well as control with medications.

That's why the Krembil Neuroscience Centre's epilepsy program and our community partners, such as Epilepsy Toronto are so important. Together they provide outstanding medical care, social support and access to cutting edge research. And thanks to the efforts of the Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation, we have better facilities and equipment to treat more patients with epilepsy.

On March 24th please stop by one of the Purple Day booths at Toronto General (Eaton Lobby) and Toronto Western Hospital (Main lobby); to enjoy a variety of purple inspired food, games and prizes!

For more information on epilepsy and Purple Day please visit :

Thank you for your support,


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