Hi everyone,

On behalf of Kevin, Catherine and myself, I'm pleased to share the Second Quarter (Q2) Results for UHN's Balanced Scorecard (July1 - September 30, 2007). As you'll see from the scorecard, our results are very positive with many indicators on track towards achieving our annual targets.

This quarter we're very impressed with the continued success in reaching our targets in the "We" domain. Our staff turnover and sick time continues to be better than our targets. In the "Caring" domain, we're also very pleased with our improved hospital infection and mortality rates. In "Accountability," we are meeting both our volume of care and financial targets. Thanks to all staff for their efforts in helping us reach these important goals.

Two indicators that continue to be a challenge in the "Caring" domain are patient satisfaction and Emergency Department (ED) wait time results. The Senior Management Team will be holding a Retreat to evaluate next year's targets and initiatives and I am sure that we will be discussing how we can improve our patients' experience with respect to general satisfaction as well as how long they wait for a bed when admitted in the ED. ED wait times were recently announced as a major priority for the government and we will continue to work on methods to improve this aspect of "Caring".

I hope you'll take a moment to take a look at the Q2 results through this link. You'll see where we're making progress, and where we still need more work to continue to improve as an organization

How to Interpret the Results
· Indicators marked in "Green" show that we're on track towards meeting our target
· Indicators marked in "Yellow" show that we're not yet on track to meeting our target, but we're improving
· Indicators marked in "Red" show that we have not yet made progress toward the target
· For some indicators, we do not have results at this time given some initiatives have not begun.

An insert giving more detailed information about Q2 results in all areas will be included in an insert in an upcoming edition of UHN News. 

Bob, Kevin and Catherine


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