​​​Hi Everyone:

The accreditation debriefing by the survey team just wrapped up. After months of hard work and lots of enthusiasm, I'm pleased to say that the feedback from our surveyors is very positive. The survey team spoke to more than 500 staff from across the organization, as well as patients, partners and families.

Overall, they were impressed with UHN's culture of openness, patient centered care and friendliness. They also described more than 14 examples of UHN demonstrating nation leading best practices in our care for patients. It is apparently unprecedented that a single institution would demonstrate this degree of clinical and corporate leadership!

A complete report will be available in a few weeks​​. Here are a few highlights from the survey team:

  • ​UHN staff are aware and proud of our corporate mission: achieving global impact. Staff also clearly articulated our patient-centered care model.
  • Patients appreciate that they are being treated with respect and are well informed during their visit.
  • Our patient education material was considered "second to none." We were encouraged to share it with other hospitals.
  • The surveyor spoke highly of our infection control and prevention initiatives and 
    cited this year's 75 per cent staff vaccination rate against influenza.
  • An increased staff focus on ethics and advanced directives were suggested, especially in light of the growing complexity of our patient population.
  • One of our corporate strengths was the strategic use of information management to enhance the patient experience.
  • The Total Joint Network was singled out as a terrific integration model between 26 health organizations to reduce wait times. The surveyor recommended that we consider expanding this approach to include hip fractures.
  • Our multi-organ transplant program is considered "unparalleled." The Easy Call system and our partnership with St. John's Rehab were noted.

This is just a "flavour" of their positive and constructive feedback. Clearly, we've made quite a positive impression on the survey team. To sum it up, the surveyor lead said that, "based on what we've seen and what you've told us, you're undoubtedly achieving global impact!"

These positive accolades belong to all of you for your hard work. A special thanks to Anita Tepfers, Accreditation Lead and Colleen Shelton, Project Manager for their outstanding leadership and support of our teams. Congratulations everyone - it's well deserved!


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