​​Hi Everyone,

First, I'd like to thank all of those who completed the Patient Safety Culture Survey. Patient safety is "job # 1" at UHN and the Safety Culture Survey will help us figure out where we can improve.

The next phase of the accreditation process is for members of the 19 UHN accreditation teams, such as Surgical Services, Infection Prevention & C​ontrol, Cancer Care & Oncology, Managing Medications, etc. to respond to questionnaires related to the standards of care in their areas. After the questionnaires are submitted to the CCHSA (the Accreditation Council) we will receive back from the Council "roadmaps" that indicate UHN's current state, including areas of compliance and areas for potential improvement.

This is a great opportunity for staff to have their say and participants are encouraged to provide honest feedback in "describing" their service areas. Thanks in advance for taking the time to participate in these teams and to do the work associated with the questionnaires and the response to the roadmaps. Transparency and a commitment to improvement are two characteristics of a high performing organization and this accreditation gives us an opportunity to improve how we provide care to our patients.


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