Dear Colleagues,

Results from the 2011 Employee Opinion Pulse Survey are now in.  The results of the 14-question survey provide a snapshot of how we're doing on several important measures of the employee experience, as well as providing an overall employer rating for the hospital.

Surveys were returned by 4423 employees which is 51% of staff. This is a 3% higher response rate over last year. We would like to thank all of you for taking the time to complete the survey.

Seventy-nine percent of employees rate UHN as a good, very good or excellent employer.  This rating is lower than last year's Have Your Say Survey, which was 82%. In addition, the Organizational Commitment score, a measure of employee engagement, went from 58% to 57% this year.

Overall, our scores either decreased slightly or stayed the same as last year. Here are some other highlights from the Pulse Survey:

  • ​60% – feel secure about their future with UHN
  • 81% – feel their role and work expectations are clearly defined 79% – rate teamwork as good, very good or excellent
  • 70% – rate their manager as good, very good or excellent in responding to their ideas/concerns
  • 63% – indicate that their workload is manageable
  • 35% – say that UHN often or always listens to employees when making decisions

Feedback from survey comments shows that a significant number of people feel UHN is a great place to work and have wonderful people and managers to work with. The comments also highlight areas where we need to focus improvement efforts, such as greater opportunities for staff to provide input into decisions affecting their work, support for managing workload, and improved management practices. Over the next couple of months, we will engage employees and managers to better understand these concerns and to identify ways that we can improve.  Action plans will be implemented to address the key areas.

To see the overall results, visit the Human Resources Intranet page and click on 2011 EOS Pulse Results. 

You are welcome to share your thoughts with Emma and me.  Drop me a line at: Drop a line to ​Bob or at Ask Emma.

Bob and Emma

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