Hi everyone,

​We have now entered the third year of using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) to describe our organizational priorities and measure progress toward achieving those goals.

In 2008/09, we are refining the scorecard to describe our goals more clearly. We continue to strive to achieve better performance, which is sometimes reflected in more ambitious targets from year to year.​

​In a recent all-staff email, we indicated that the new Scorecard demonstrates an important focus on improving wait times in our emergency departments and some of the initiatives aimed at improving the issue. As described in that email, we will be repatriating some patients out of GIM and into the appropriate Specialty Services units, implementing the “Escalation Policy” and working with the LHIN to facilitate the discharge of some of our ALC patients to more appropriate care settings.​

​The 08/09 BSC continues to focus on patient-centred care in the “Caring” domain (patient satisfaction, rates of pressure sores, patient mortality, hospital-inquired infections, OR cancellations are examples of measures with “Caring”) while maintaining our concentration on achieving optimum work life balance and wellness for our staff (reducing overtime hours and sick time for example within our “We” domain). A new addition in “Caring” is that we will measure and set goals to improve Ambulatory patient satisfaction in the Cancer Program.​

In “Creative” we have added measures for turnaround times in the Research Ethics Board process. We will continue to measure creativity by evaluating grant funds achieved, citations and the number of new clinical trials approved.

In the “Accountable” domain, we have added the indicator of a facilities assessment to ensure that UHN has the physical space needed to continue delivering exemplary patient-centred care. We will continue to try and increase revenues from non-Ministry of Health sources and last week’s announcement of $92M from the Research hospital Fund for development of research facilities is a great example of achieving funding outside our usual Ministry sources. Other additions in “Accountable” include improving the “up-time” in our Electronic Patient record (Quadramed).

In “Academic” we are measuring learner satisfaction with the education and training that they receive at UHN.​

​The Balanced Scorecard represents a method for the entire organization to understand our organizational goals and what we are doing to improve patient care, research and education. I encourage everyone to review the new BSC, which is available on the ​UHN public website​.

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